How to Measure Ring Size

Probably a correct approach to decide your ring dimension is to go to a neighborhood jewelry retailer the place they have a number of measurement instruments to find out your ring dimension. When you’ve got a hoop that matches nicely and it’s worthwhile to discover out the scale, a metal ring mandrel is used. The ring is positioned on the ring mandrel and the quantity on the mandrel that corresponds to the underside of the ring is the ring dimension. Under is an image of a hoop mandrel.



One other jeweler’s device used to measure ring dimension are metallic ring sizers. This can be a ring that holds the entire totally different ring sizes in increments that vary from each quarter dimension to each half dimension, relying on the device so that you could be an attempt on the ring to find out which ring dimension suits you one of the best. The ring sizes are available a slender width and a large width to precisely decide your ring dimension since a hoop’s width impacts the scale of the ring that’s most snug for you.


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Printable Ring Sizer

Under is a ring dimension chart that can be utilized to find out the scale of a hoop. To find out probably a correct ring dimension, the ring ought to cowl the circle in order that the black circle touches the inside of the ring. Please observe that though you could use this ring sizer to get a correct measurement of your ring, it’s all the time advisable to have your ring sized by knowledgeable jeweler utilizing one of many skilled instruments proven above – a hoop mandrel or a hoop sizer – to find out the precise dimension of your ring.

Ring measure 1
The best way to measure ring size

If you need to make use of an extra substantial and correct ring sizer at the house, ring mandrels and ring sizers can be found on the market at a crafts retailer on eBay and Amazon. It is strongly recommended to purchase a metallic ring sizer, not a plastic one since it’s mostly just like a metallic ring.


Under is a hoop dimension chart that specifies the diameter of the ring (the measurement throughout the ring) and the circumference of the ring (the measurement across the ring) for every dimension. The measurements are given in each inch and millimeters, nevertheless, the metric system of millimeters is far simpler to make use of with a typical ruler. The distinction within the diameter of every complete ring dimension is .8mm and every half ring dimension is .4mm.


Millimeters Inches
Ring Size Diameter Circumference Diameter Circumference UK Sizing
4 14.9 46.8 0.586 1.84 H
4.5 15.3 48.0 0.602 1.89 I
5 15.7 49.3 0.618 1.94 J 1/2
5.5 16.2 50.6 0.634 1.99 K 1/2
6 16.5 51.9 0.650 2.04 L 1/2
6.5 16.9 53.1 0.666 2.09 M 1/2
7 17.3 54.4 0.682 2.14 N 1/2
7.5 17.7 55.7 0.698 2.19 O 1/2
8 18.1 57.0 0.714 2.24 P 1/2
8.5 18.5 58.3 0.73 2.29 Q 1/2
9 19.0 59.5 0.746 2.34 R 1/2
9.5 19.4 60.8 0.762 2.39 S 1/2
10 19.8 62.1 0.778 2.44 T 1/2
10.5 20.2 63.4 0.794 2.49 U 1/2
11 20.6 64.6 0.81 2.54 V 1/2
11.5 21.0 65.9 0.826 2.59 W 1/2
12 21.4 67.2 0.842 2.65 X 1/2
12.5 21.8 68.5 0.858 2.70 Z
13 22.2 69.7 0.874 2.75
13.5 22.6 71.0 0.89 2.80




Components in find out how to decide ring dimension

  • Temperature – Fingers have a smaller diameter in chilly climate and a much bigger diameter in heat climate
  • Humidity causes fingers to swell
  • Food regimen – Salt and different meals may cause you to retain water and swell
  • Weight reduction or achieve
  • Train
  • Being pregnant
  • Time of Day – Fingers are typically a smaller diameter within the morning and larger at evening.

It’s suggested to have your finger sized in the midst of the day in a room that’s room temperature.



Ring resizing – resize a hoop to enlarge or smaller

A priceless ring ought to all the time be resized by a knowledgeable jeweler. A easy ring with no stones could be made roughly one dimension bigger by hammering it down on a mandrel to stretch the ring. If it must be made a lot bigger than one full ring dimension, it’s going to should be reduced open and an identical metallic must be welded into the ring to develop it. It is going to then be polished in order that the reduction will probably be nearly invisible.

To make a hoop smaller, a small piece of metallic must be far away from the ring, after which it will likely be welded again collectively and polished.

A hoop with stones has to be rigorously sized to keep away from crushing the stones if the ring is made smaller. If the ring is made larger, the settings that maintain the stones will probably be expanded so the stones could fall out.

A hoop guard could also be used to make a hoop smaller, however, this isn’t a long-term answer for a cherished or priceless ring. A plastic ring guard can fall out or could require glue to carry in place. A metallic ring guard is constituted of versatile metallic and can bend or disintegrate with fixed put on of the ring. The ring guard can even be seen from the surface of the ring, so it isn’t very enticing.

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